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Am broadcast transmitters

First time with Broadcast Electronics? Register for Free. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the TV industry, our transmitters feature the most advanced and future proof modulation solutions in the Broadcasting market.

am broadcast transmitters

For many broadcasters, the Marti name is synonymous with remote gear. We have many solutions available. Need help? Contact us. Search for:. Radio TV. Broadcast Equipment and Solutions Worldwide. Broadcast Electronics is part of the.

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Our company Why BE is the best? Read more. Our Services. Our Radio Transmitters. TV Transmitters Specifically designed to meet the needs of the TV industry, our transmitters feature the most advanced and future proof modulation solutions in the Broadcasting market.

am broadcast transmitters

Our TV Transmitters. Broadcast Electronics celebrates 60 years of excellence, now we celebrate together with the Elenos Group. From our blog. BE is now off October 24, Time is money. July 15, BE Commitment to Quality.The Flexiva 3DX family — comprising 25, 50 and kW models — provides exceptional performance, efficiency and peace of mind. Flexiva 3DX digital, solid-state AM transmitters Accurate digital signal reproduction with low bit error rate is essential Flexiva transmitters deliver a robust, high-performance over-the-air solution for every broadcaster, with fully broadband designs that boost reliability and simplify maintenance across all power levels.

Furthermore, available dynamic carrier control algorithms further reduce operating costs without diminishing coverage. Broadcasters can count on Flexiva AM transmitters as a common platform to handle all AM and digital broadcasting requirements. Redundant design characteristics and an array of comprehensive diagnostics help broadcasters ensure exceptional on-air performance on a consistent basis.

Multi-System Controller. Outdoor Transmission Enclosures. GatesAir Corporate Brochure. Are You Ready for the Spectrum Repack? Choose a site section to visit GatesAir Corporate Brochure Company mission and history, product and service portfolio, and more.Skip to main content AM Radio Transmitter.

Only 10 left in stock - order soon. I give thumbs up on this am radio transmitter. It sounded great for any type of music or amazon old time radio player by Amazon online. Add to cart. Currently unavailable.

Legal, License Free Low Power Radio Broadcasting

Purchased by direct phone call from Information Station Specialist. Have had it in continuous operation for about three months now playing my MP3 music collection. Audio quality is good, almost as good as a commercial broadcaster they use thousands of dollars worth of audio processing equipment to get that loud punchy audio to increase power in the sidebands to get more range and better quality of delivered audio.

Audio is good from the bass to the treble range and the AGC makes it easy to get plenty of audio without distorting. You will need to turn your audio feed down as it is possible to swamp the AGC and get muffled noise out. Range with the supplied wire antenna depends on the frequency you choose to operate.

Mine is below See All Buying Options. I can stream my music from my iphone to my car radio without any problems. Very good product! Also, it surprised me that the shipping came with a little gift. In Stock. This FM transmitter has worked better than the majority of transmitters I've owned; there's very little feedback, if any, through the speakers so it delivers a crisp and clean sound. I have an older car from and this is a very viable option if you're lacking an auxiliary cable port.

I highly recommend this device especially because it's inexpensive but the price doesn't knock down the quality. Great product! My only critique about an otherwise amazing device would be the screen size. But I blame that on my mistake. I damaged my right eye in a lollipop accident and have poor vision. I thought it was an I like to use my phone to listen to podcasts about basket weaving, unicorns and road rage but wanted the ability to do so in my horseless carriage.

I had my nephew help set everything up since I haven't successfully grasped a single piece of technology since my first toaster. The man on my phone radio thingy is now audible since acquiring this unit. I have a Honda Accord with obviously no Bluetooth capabilities. It works great! You can listen to whatever you want AND answer phone calls with it.

The next day I changed it and my listening has been clear as a bell since then. For the price - I highly recommend! Great clarity, once you find an empty station.

Very impressive I bought this for my sister and it worked perfectly.BSW is Open for Business. Call us at Transmitters and exciters are the backbone of any broadcast, and we've made sure to carry a wide selection to meet your specific needs.

Transmitters - FM, AM, solid-state, tube Exciters - High quality, stand-alone exciters. Featuring industry first innovations such as IP audio, [ With built in direct to frequency digital [ The perfect choice for the lower power broadcaster, the FMT is an economical stand-alone W FM transmitter with a built-in audio processor and stereo generator that delivers a consistently high [ The FMES is conveniently designed to be used as an Exciter, a standalone low power transmitter or, when combined with a receiver, can serve as a translator.

Built to last and robustly designed [ The PS Series is available in 2,—5, watt versions. All models boast frequency stability better [ More than just an FM exciter or amplifier, a Crown integrated FM transmitter system combines built-in audio processing and stereo generation in one rugged, compact unit.

Each model provides excellent [ A great choice for the lower power broadcaster, the FMT is an economical stand-alone W FM transmitter with a built-in audio processor and stereo generator that delivers a consistently high [ It is a basic exciter with composite input only. Featuring low loss circuit boards and copper [ The FM30R is an economical stand-alone 30W FM translator with a built-in receiver that delivers a high level of performance for today's broadcast needs.

It offers multiple user adjustments and settings, factory presets and on-board diagnostic tools as well as [ Featuring low loss circuit boards and [ Otherwise they are similar to the previous E Series models. The FMR is an economical stand-alone W FM translator with a built-in receiver that delivers a high level of performance for today's broadcast needs. Order Number:. Email Address:. Crown Broadcast FMT Watt Transmitter A great choice for the lower power broadcaster, the FMT is an economical stand-alone W FM transmitter with a built-in audio processor and stereo generator that delivers a consistently high [Reliability — Redundancy — Audio Quality.

Standout features include true proportional VSWR foldback for transmission resiliency and independent IPAs and power supplies that give you full standby power without having to buy another transmitter.

Large, removable panels provide access to every major assembly for quick repair in the unlikely event of a problem, and advanced controllers offer more in-field information than ever.

Download STX Brochure. STX10, STX20, STX3 : They have been intelligently designed to offer the perfect combination of audio quality, reliability, redundancy, serviceability, and efficiency in a compact design. Elenos transmitters combine ultra high efficiency, high reliability and low energy consumption in compact rack mountable units. BE still believes in AM! The STX 10, 20 have been intelligently designed to offer the perfect combination of audio quality, reliability, redundancy, serviceability and high energy efficiency in a compact design.

Power amplifier modules and hot-pluggable power supplies are all accessible from the front in the 10kW and 20kW models. Get a free financing quote. Operating efficiency, easy configurability and on-the-fly operability are just a few of the reasons why.

Download HD Radio Brochure. Go to Elenos Website. Contact Us Now. Extraordinary software that allows the transmitter to adapt to environmental conditions, allowing peak RF operation and superior audio quality.

Two rack units in height, with a weight of less than Repeatability, reliability and ease of maintenance through the use of planar technology within the entire RF section. Due to exceptional demand, Model SAA sold out faster than expected!

Learn More. These models can come with an amplifier and integrated modulator exciter in the same chassis 4Uor with a separate ETG 2U series low power modulator exciter and an E 4U series amplifier totaling 6U.

These products represent the most advanced technology in terms of electrical efficiency, compactness, reduced weight, ease of use, and diagnostics. Medium Power up to 5kW. High Power up to 6kW. Download Avatar Brochure. E Series transmitters incorporate our patented class E power modules, allowing you to achieve unequaled power economy and efficiencies for ultimate reliability and overall cost savings.With the current health crisis impactng America Part 15 hobby broadcasters can fill a need by informing their neighborhoods with information as well as entertainment to help ease the fears of their listeners.

Churches, businesses and community-oriented radio enthusiasts help to inform their collective communities low power, legal Part 15 radio stations are being launched each and every day thanks to the copious resources available here. The mission of HobbyBroadcaster. This is commonly referred to simply as Part 15 radio broadcasting. Did you know that under Part 15 of the Federal Communication Commission regulations that citizens are allowed to legally operate certain low-power radio devices which enable you to transmit on the AM or FM broadcast bands?

These rules allow you to do this all without requiring a broadcast license! Potential users for these unlicensed low power AM or FM radio transmitters include schools and universities, campgrounds, parks, shopping malls, real estate agents and individuals just looking to broadcasting for fun and profit. For a dozen years, HobbyBroadcaster.

am broadcast transmitters

Legal, license free low power Part 15 radio broadcasting is beneficial for a multitude of purposes, such as providing an extracurricular activity or an instructional learning experience for K, college and university students. The universal appeal of legal Part 15 radio broadcasting is a natural for the electronics and radio hobbyist as well as business, creative and specialty applications.

Always the innovator and cited by such nationally known organizations as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Consumer Technology Association, major broadcast equipment manufacturers and trade publications, it's no surprise that HobbyBroadcaster. For more than dozen years HobbyBroadcaster. The second generation of the popular ChezRadio Procaster Part 15 certified AM transmitter has been published and is now available in the product lab review area.

Radio Part 15 AM transmitters, has recently been reviewed as part of the continuation of equipment reviews of interest to the Part 15 broadcast enthusiast.

The product evaluation is available in the Reviews section. ISS Range Extender 2. Radio Transmitters Product Review.

am broadcast transmitters

Valuable resources are plentiful here, ranging from legal and technical references, manuals and schematics, broadcaster profiles, station directory as well as product reviews and equipment evaluations performed utilizing the very same test equipment used by licensed broadcast stations and their engineers.

Product reviews from fellow Part 15 broadcast enthusiasts give others a view from an actual broadcaster's viewpoint. Actively participating members get exclusive access to additional features and resources not available to the general public, guests or casual participants! You may not even be aware that some online venues are riddled with technical inaccuracies, misinformation and opinions incorrectly assumed as fact which may lead the would-be broadcaster into harm's way.

Your HobbyBroadcaster. It's no surprise why both HobbyBroadcaster. Wouldn't you want to learn broadcasting from someone who's actually works in the business?A low power AM transmitter for the Broadcast Band.

I stopped listening to AM radio decades ago, but around I wanted to put together a crystal radio kit for my nephew in an attempt to get him interested in radio as I had been at his age.

As I was experimenting with plans for a good but easy kit, I was shocked to discover what the band had degenerated into. Locally there are two Spanish language stations, two obnoxious "Christian" Fundamentalist stations and two stations that broadcast right-wing hate-talk propaganda day and night. For a long time now, there has been nothing useful, entertaining or intelligent to tune into on AM unless you speak Spanish. I sincerely wish I spoke Spanish and liked Mexican music because the Spanish stations seem like "Islands of Sanity" in the otherwise sea of pure crap that's out there.

In America, broadcasting is all about feeding "the audience" what they want to hear so that they will listen to the advertisements. English language AM panders to the ignorant and prejudiced people of my community who are afraid that their "superior" culture and foolish myths are under threat. For comfort and reassurance that their distorted vision of "America" is always right, they tune in to this nasty stuff and the truth is, they are pretty loyal listeners.

WLW's 50,000 Watt Transmitters

I mean, these are advertisements that, for the most part, should grossly insult the intelligence of the severely retarded. Well, all that changed when my long dormant interest in antique radios recently resurfaced.

Oh lord, I thought the hate-talkers were bad when Clinton was president, but now that we have a black-man in the White-housein my life, I have never heard such over-the-top hatred. It's just disgusting, but that's what our "local talent" wants to be fed, so there it is. So, what's a guy going to do when there is nothing decent to listen to? Most nights the skip isn't there and you can't hear it at all.

FM Transmitter

Even when the skip is in, the signal is subject to fading, interference and noise. Then there is the fact that even KGO plays endless commercials. For reasons of greater profits, the station has eliminated its program hosts and has gone to an "all news and traffic" format that includes recorded business reports from outside vendors. Obviously the management does not care that the radio station has lost most of its listeners because, even with fewer listeners, the station is more profitable now that they have to hire so few employees.

In making the decision to downsize and eliminate most of the employees, the CEO of KGO certainly did not do the people of their community or me any favors, but in America today, squeezing out the last bit of profit is the highest of all virtues. The responsibility to hire good people and to enlighten the community with good programming is rejected as a quaint old notion that no businessman today would give a second thought to.

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