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Plex web direct play

I want to force direct play for all movies. It seems that with my direct play settings enabled, the video is going through my laptop to my Samsung TV also ethernet connected. I can play movies under 40 GBs with no issue. You cannot force Direct Play. If the media file you are trying to play is not compatible with the client then it needs to be transcoded, or playback will fail. If you want to completely avoid transcoding, you need to make your media files compatible beforehand, either by transcoding them with e.

I have a Samsung which can play MKVs with subtitles but Plex with subtitles turned on does not direct play. TV supports it so why Plex transcodes the file? Plex for Samsung fails to direct play any file with subtitles turned on. When subtitles are turned off all files play directly. I had to buy Roku player so that I could direct play all my media.

I second that!!! Same, with a Samsung TV. OttoKerner said: You cannot force Direct Play. I have a 70 inch KU All my media play direct play because of pre transcoding. I also tried to just download media and leave it as mkv with ac3 and and a file as big as 11 gb. And then boom my plex will transcode the video part but direct stream the audio.

As OttoKerner mention it really depends how you download your files and how your client wants to read it. I had to revert back to v6. I think this was the final release where Direct Play and Audio stream without any transcoding is working properly on Nvidia Shield devices.

At least now I can enjoy 4K files perfectly. Nvidia tells me to use Surround System remote instead. I am bringing this old post back to life because this is one of my biggest complaints with Plex Server right now. Plex was developed when we all had relatively poor uploads. Now it is more common with fiber connections to have synchronous download and upload speeds which can handle high bit rate direct streams. Continually transcoding places unnecessary load on my server and reduces the quality of the streams.

Any chance Plex developers can put this request on their radar? In reading through the forums, this is a common request from Plex Pass users.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. One of the things people love the most about Plex is how streamlined the experience is—and that streamlining is centered around their Plex accounts, access to the remote Plex central server, and how that ties all their settings and user experience together.

But for that experience to work, your computer needs to phone home to Plex and authenticate. Thankfully, there are two easy ways around the problem: tweaking how Plex uses the authentication system and, in special cases, falling back on the DLNA system as a backup. Before we proceed, there are two very important caveats.

First and foremost, you must make these changes in advance. You have to be online and logged into your Plex account to make changes to your local Plex Media Server.

Direct Play vs Direct Streaming vs Transcoding

There is no way around this. Click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner to access your Settings menu. You can populate the box with two different types of entries. A much easier way to approach it is to use a netmask, which is, simply, a way to specify multiple addresses. For example, if your local network uses IP addresses with the format Your local Plex server will stay open for business even without an active internet connection to phone home.

In addition to disabling local authorization, as we did in the last section, there is an additional trick we want to take advantage of. DLNA is an older standard that allows local devices on your network to connect to each other for media access.

The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux.

The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Skip to content. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times.Plex is a media player system and software suite comprising many player applications for foot user interfaces, and an associated media server that organizes personal media stored on local devices.

It organizes audio music and visual photos and videos content from personal media libraries and streams it to mobile devices, smart TVs, and streaming boxes. Plex announced that it supports wide range of media formats. If your device supports it, Plex will stream it directly.

All other files play without problems but while transfer mkv files to Plex Media Server, it stops and go with buffering and reloading messages. In fact, MKV is just a container format, holding video, audio, image or subtitle files in it. The video and audio files in different MKV files can be encoded with different codecs. If the audio and video streams in the file are otherwise compatible, it will be Direct Streamed. I have a Plex server running on a separate PC.

Everything was working fine untill I lost sound when playing MKV files. The MKV files I currently have shown up with no problem. Along with some help from third party programs, it can be done effortlessly. There are many programs out there that allow us to transcode MKV files to Plex friendly formats.

If you are seeking for the best video output quality, fastest video conversion speed, and the largest formats supported, Brorsoft Video Converter will be your best choice. The trail-before-purchase quick download icon provide here, you can also click Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate Mac Version turn to Brorsoft page for downloading.

Keep in mind that you have download the right version, Mac OS. Here 3 H. Tips: With the right settings you can retain the quality of the original videos while also saving space. This is particularly helpful when streaming over your network, depending on your network quality. Simply click Settings bar and you can tweak the settings to your satisfaction and even save it as preset. Then, Plex will recognize, catalog, play and stream these MKV files at ease. Solution 1: Make sure the whole file names were being recognized by Plex.

For example, if all of my mkv videos are all Sports videos so the names, there were kind of random. Plex picks up pretty much any file with that setting. Cons: Some guys reflect Handbrake is spamware. Just downloaded it and had to do two malware cleans to get rid of all the shit it put on the computer. Tags: convert mkv to plex mkv files and plex play mkv via plex plex mkv support plex trancoding mkv stream mkv via plex.

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plex web direct play

This article has been updated on 4,June, Plex: Your media on all your devices Plex is a media player system and software suite comprising many player applications for foot user interfaces, and an associated media server that organizes personal media stored on local devices. What media formats are supported? What about MKV videos? Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 02 July - PM. Please note that the items in parenthesis, eg. Posted 03 July - AM. You are correct in that they are converting different things for different reasons, but at the very least that are Transcoding or Transcoded Streaming.

plex web direct play

But, if we use the term "transcoding" when absolutely any modification is happening then it becomes not very useful at all. The reality is that the only conversion that really has much of an impact on server resources is the video stream. But, whenever some of you guys see the term "transcoding" you freak out - even if everything is working fabulously. So, we need to come up with terms that relay useful information to the end user without causing people to think something is wrong when it isn't.

No "transcoding is not transcoding". Converting just an audio stream has a vastly different implication than converting a video stream. We need to convey useful information to the user and we need to exist in a competitive marketplace or none of this matters - because we won't exist. Posted 03 July - PM. I reckon, the red is what makes people worried about Transcode.

Color could easily change that perspective. This encapsulate all forms of playback, in a simple way that is understandable even to a 5 year old.

You really don't need a new term "Direct stream" that makes everyone lose their mind. If you say direct stream and you include all light modification, then what does "Direct" stand for? It's smarter to classify playback with played as is or modified. Not, played as is, lightly modified, modified. Are the FAQs forum restricted in who can post? Seems only developers, mods and Admins can post.In the Plex Web app, how do you force Direct Play?

In Android, it is in settings. I have correctly checked the box for Direct Play in the Web settings and on the server settings of course, because my 10 Android devices direct playso I am thinking I am doing something wrong elsewhere on the Web App side. I am on my local network in fact, on the computer that is running the serverand when I start a movie or TV showthe Plex Server indicates a transcode is in process. If I try to stream to Chromecast, same thing; it says there is no a transcoding session in progress.

Any help here? I do not want to transcode because if there are two transcoding sessions, my computer explodes. There is no option to force a direct play in the web app. What exactly are you trying to direct play though? Browsers are rather picky about what types of videos they will play. Here is an example file That doesn't tell us all the details we need.

Uploaded two instances that are confirmed to Direct Play via Android And not show up as "transcoding session"but will indicate transcoding when opened via browser Chrome. The issue appears to be the "optimized for streaming" flag. You can fix this by checking the "web optimized" option in Handbrake or similar software.

plex web direct play

There is also a handful of applications that will quickly relocate the moov atom to the beginning for you. This topic was automatically closed 90 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Desktop Players. Konolua March 14,am 1. I did some research and couldn't find what I was looking for Thanks, and I appreciate anyone's time in reading and responding to this.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Watch your favorite stars in some of their greatest roles for FREE! Plex gives you access to thousands of movies and shows—including documentaries, Bollywood musicals and more. No special equipment, subscription or special tech skills needed popcorn and snacks highly recommended.

Simply sign in to Plex to start watching. Discover dozens of new collections or make one of your own. Your previous purchase will be automatically detected.

NOTE: Playing media from your Plex library on mobile devices is limited one minute for music and video, watermark on photos until the app is unlocked. For full functionality, get a Plex Pass -OR- make a small, one-time, in-app purchase for app access. Streaming personal media requires Plex Media Server version 0. No problem! Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. More by Plex, Inc. See more. Plex VR. Plex, Inc.

Experience your media in dazzling and interactive virtual reality with Plex VR. Plex Media Server. Plex Media Server streams all of your media, to all of your devices, everywhere. JustWatch GmbH. Movies Anywhere. Build your movie collection and watch anywhere. Your movies, together at last. Old Movies - Oldies but Goldies. Cast Tools. Binnerup Consult.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Do you copy your Blu-ray rips over to your laptop?

Direct Play vs Direct Streaming vs Transcoding

Do you fling shows to your TV via your desktop and Chromecast? What about your music? Plex is a centralized media server system that eliminates virtually every problem you run into while managing a large personal media collection.

The Plex model is simple: you park all your media on a single computer with the Plex server software installed, and then you install Plex on on all your other devices. Then, from any of those devices, you can remotely access your entire media library and watch it with no hassle.

Want to watch your TV show in the backyard on your iPhone? No problem. Also no problem. Want to hook your new smart TV right into your media collection without any additional hardware? That sounds pretty great, huh?

Not only do you get on-demand streaming to all your devices but you get absolutely beautiful metadata and art to go along with it. That said, however, the most important thing is to go into the experience with a clear picture of what you need and how all the pieces of your Plex setup work together.

The more users you expect to be watching at once, the better hardware you want. Plex media server still works on older hardware but it will automatically disable transcoding if the hardware is insufficient, and playback will suffer and stutter on really old or under-powered hardware. You can read over their hardware recommendations here.

Worst case scenario, you find that file playback is unsatisfactory. Best case scenario, you find that the old hardware works fine and you avoid purchasing any new gear.

You can check out the available platforms for the server software here. The server just one half of the Plex system. And for that, you need the Plex client to access the server.

The Plex media server software has always been free. Most of the client apps have always been free. Some of the client apps have a nominal one time activation fee a few dollars e.

Plex has two ways of dealing with the paid apps. If you only need one app, you may wish to just activate that single app. The other option is to buy a Plex Pass, which is like a subscription service that gives you both access to all paid apps, plus benefits like syncing to your mobile devices for offline access and cloud-based file storage.

You can read more about which apps are paid, which are free, and the differences between a free Plex membership and a premium one here.

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